And I swore I would never blog…

Yet here I am.

Even my dog, Bungee, has a blog. You can’t get away from blogging.

My first blog post.

It’s been a week of firsts. I got my first website, finally. Antonio worked really hard on it and I think it’s beautiful. It doesn’t have a lot of content, but it’s got more than I had two days ago. Here is the link:

I found out today that my good friend Chris’ Dad died unexpectedly. She recently learned he had cancer and it was inoperable, but they did not ever expect it to be so quick. My heart goes out to her. I never knew anyone who loved their Dad as much as she loves hers.  He must have been a very good person and he must have had a very good and successful life to have a daughter who cared that much about him.

Her heart is broken and mine is broken for her. I’m so sorry for you loss, Chris.